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Why You Should Join?

Are you someone who likes learning something new every day? Do you like to be a problem solver? At First Class Fitness Care we are always looking for good people to join the team. Positions available at First Class Fitness Care are Field Service Technician, Dispatch Coordinator, and Office Manager. We are a growing company with constant opportunity. The skills and knowledge you learn here will carry you to future opportunity, promotions, and career growth. We are a team, and we will all work together to achieve job happiness, personal and financial growth, and gaining experience for life.


Field Service Technicians:

Someone who likes working with their hands, has a mechanical aptitude, and enjoys the freedom being an outside field tech. Every day you will see something new and interesting. You will develop a relationship with customers and cultivate service knowledge that will prove to be invaluable in the future. The need for a quality field service tech will never go away. The experience and knowledge you will gain from this career will help further your financial and professional future.


Dispatch Coordinators:

Someone who enjoys customer communication, logistics, and running a small team of techs. You will be responsible for taking calls, database entry, scheduling, and coordination with both the customer and tech. You will be running the day to day operations and schedule of your service tech team. This will allow you to form relationships with techs, customers, and vendors. Learning the day to day operations of any service company is an invaluable resource to have.


Office Manager:

Someone who is knowledgeable in both the the field service tech field, and the dispatch coordinating.

What We Offer:

  • Flexible Hours

  • No Weekends (unless requested)

  • High Value Of Work-Life Balance

  • Emphasis On Internal Promotion

  • Standard And Commission Based Pay

  • Continuous Training And Employee Development

  • Focus On Job And Equipment Safety

  • Open Door Policy / Fair Treatment Of All Employees

  • Professional And Respectful Company Culture

  • Team Collaboration And Group Problem Solving

  • Encouragement Of Independent Thinking

  • Commitment to Health and Well-Being

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