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Welcome To The Online Booking Center

Here at First Class Fitness Care, we try to weigh the pros and cons for our clients to see if it's wiser to repair or replace the equipment. There are several factors to consider. How much was the piece worth when you bought it new, how old is the piece now, how much usage has the piece received, and what is the piece worth today. This will determine the value of the fitness equipment needing to be repaired. If the cost of repairs is 3/4 or more the value of the machine, then it might be time to start looking for a replacement. Spending your money wisely in the correct way and making sure the problem will not occur again is just as important as a proper diagnosis and repair.


Please provide the make, model and serial number along with brief description of the issues you are having with the piece of fitness equipment. Below is a link that will show you how to find this information. Please make note of any error codes, messages, or times into the workout the machine fails. This information is not mandatory, however, the more information provided, the better our techs can do their jobs. We will respond to your service request within the next business day. Please note that we are closed on the weekend.

Quick Diagnosis Tips That Might Save You a Diagnosis Fee

Is your machine dead or has no power. Please check the following:


Verify the power cord is in the power inlet all the way. Sometimes it gets kicked or becomes loose due to movement. Remove the power cord and re-secure it into the power inlet.


Plug another household item into the exact same power outlet to verify the power outlet has power. Typically, we ask the customer to use a portable lamp. Make sure the lamps work properly before you move it to the power outlet in question.


Check to see if the fitness equipment has an on/off switch that has been accidentally turned off. Lots of people have robot vacuums that operate automatically. They can bump around and unplug the machine or hit the power switch.


Confirm that if the machine is not on a GFCI, or that it has not tripped. Treadmills and other high power use fitness equipment cannot be plugged into a GFCI due the power surge the machine will cause while in use. You can use an extension cord (14awg or 12awg) and run it to a circuit in the house that does not have a GFCI. Usually the microwave, washer machine, and refrigerator have a dedicate circuit that does not have a GFCI on it. Also make sure you unit is plugged directly into the wall. Going through a power strip or surge protector might be an issue.  


If you have a treadmill, check the safety key magnet in its proper position. Be sure the safety key magnet is where it is supposed to be or the treadmill will light up, but nothing will happen after that.

Please do not do anything you are unsure of, or uncomfortable with. We are here ready to help you out and will be  more than happy to take care of all your service needs.

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Regular Onsite Service Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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(713) 504-5443

We will make our schedule fit  your schedule. We can schedule an appointment outside regular service hours for a small additional fee.

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